WordCamp US to be in Philadelphia

There were amazing applications for teams and cities to host the inaugural WordCamp US, a concept originally floated at the State of the Word last year. It was very hard to make a choice, but can now announce that the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia, will host the first WCUS on December 4th–6th. They will also host it in 2016, but no dates have been chosen yet.

Having it the same place two years in a row allows us to keep logistics a set variable and really focus on the rest of the event in the second year. I also want to use it to facilitate experience transfer: We’ll choose the 2017 + 2018 host city in between the first and second event, so that team can volunteer on the ground the second year Philadelphia hosts it to learn from their experience. Hat tip: Cool graphic by Andrew Bergeron.

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Average high temp of 48 and low of 33.
How nice that will be.

Awesome location choice. I’m looking forward to this. It makes sense that the first WordCamp US is in the birthplace of the US. I’m hoping for a tour schedule from an insider and a tie in into the conference. 🙂

Philly is awesome! I do like Chicago (from my state), BUT Philly is just a great idea and very appropriate. 🙂 I was happy to present at WordCamp Philly this year, and finally got a chance to enjoy the city. The WordPress Community in Philly is so warm and welcoming.

I definitely want to go back to Philly for WordCamp US, either just attending, or to speak. I’d also be interested in volunteering at the event for Help- Desk/ Happiness Bar.

I know it will be amazing!

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