The app that changed my life is Simplenote, linked to Notational Velocity. I have Simplenote on my phone and Notational Velocity on my computer, and I’m obsessed with to-do lists and lists about my to-do lists. It allows me to have my lists on my phone and my lists on my computer, and they sync… if you are a list freak, with lists of lists, it will change your life.

— Lena Dunham

From a talk with Kara Swisher on Re/code.ย Listen to the whole podcast, Simplenote comes up at the 48-minute mark. Hat tip: Toni Schneider.

10 thoughts on “Lists of Lists

  1. Indeed. I like to say that itโ€™s the only functional alternative to simply forgetting stuff and dealing with it.

    And I like that they answer support emails with a similar friendly simplicity ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It has been a while since I use Simplenote. Since then I have been using (now defunct) Springpad, and of course, Evernote.

    But when I checked my Simplenote account few days ago, I was impressed with its simplicity. I think eventually, simplicity win over complex feature….

  3. It’s a very interesting how you leverage WordPress as a social platform over Twitter and Facebook. What is your process when you share these tidbits here on your blog? Do you use you mobile app? Do you use Press This?

  4. I’ve iterated on a few ways of capturing my lists. I tried Notational Velocity, but that was a while back, and I don’t recall if SimpleNote was out at that point. I used OmniFocus for quite a while, then moved to OneNote (on Mac and iPhone). OneNote is great, albeit maybe too free form for tracking lists. (They tended to get buried in everything else.)

    These days I’ve been using Asana quite a bit and have been fairly happy with it. But offline is a bit iffy at times.

    I need to look at NV again.

  5. Been sometime. Hope all s well. I’m not exactly a novice to wp – except simplenote. Will give it a try and comment l8er back. Btw when is that French vac in provence coming again .. best, Heinz