Super Impressive Mario

This custom Mario Maker level, and the skill required to beat it, is one of the craziest feats of Mario virtuoso I’ve seen.

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This poses an all new level of challenge. I like it.

It’s nice to see what gamers can produce when they aren’t being held back by their employers keeping things moderate for the masses.

I have mixed feelings about this title. We’ve had Super Mario Maker since release day. Having looked over very many courses, it’s evident that most are really bad. The worst have that “throw in everything *plus* the kitchen sink” mentality going on, or just doing weird things with items that are really for nothing but show. Some are way too simple.

However, there are still some clever levels. We found a puzzle level that was truly a challenge. (And we admit it, we had to look it up on YouTube to solve the puzzle, but it was still a bit of work to actually do it ourselves!) There are also some “automatic” levels where you don’t need to touch the controls, or levels that play music.

Here is the puzzle:

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