George Lakoff is an academic whose books I came across in my college years, and he’s been very influential on me, especially his approach to language through metaphors. He has an updated version of a classic book, Don’t Think of an Elephant, which is a great read if you’re interested in progressive politics. I noticed a link to a PDF to a WordPress-sounding address, and it turns out his entire site is on!

7 thoughts on “George Lakoff

  1. Glad to see you’re also a Lakoff fan, Matt. Don’t Think of An Elephant is an indispensable resource for progressive activists. When I read the original edition eleven years ago, it was an eye-opener. Progressive organizations like mine are deeply appreciative of the work that George does.

  2. George Lakoff is great thanks for sharing

    I wanted to follow him on my wordpress reader but his site doesn’t seem to have that option

    did he turn off the option to follow or something?

  3. You have such an interesting point of view yourself. It’s nice to know of someone you think is interesting and worth reading in turn.

  4. Matt, I ran across George Lackoff when I was running for local office and also a grassroots organizer for Democracy for America. A few years after that I relied much on Lackoff for a presentation I did at college about propaganda, breaking down the concept of schema into post-it notes to help my classmates understand what he was talking about. I am glad to know that his research is as meaningful to you as it has been to me.

  5. Lakoff and Johnson, 1980. Metaphors we live by. is a staple read for anyone interested in language. It’s amazing how much we, everyone everywhere, use metaphorical language.

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