LetsEncrypt is available as a beta so everyone can have free SSL, and PHP7 is released which will double the speed of many PHP apps, including WordPress. And it was the first day of WordCamp US, if you missed it definitely livestream tomorrow. (I’m doing the State of the Word at 5pm ET.) A pretty awesome day for the web.

3 thoughts on “PHP7 and LetsEncrypt

  1. Encryption as a really useful tool, and Let’s Encrypt is a huge step forward for the web — to have a new certificate authority to make routine use of HTTPS free and easy.

    Still, encryption has its limits. Here is a long list I put together of ways encryption can fail in practice for all sorts of reasons when used by activists: http://www.pdfernhout.net/why-encryption-use-is-problematical-when-advocating-for-social-change.html

    So, as with having a lock on your front door, encryption may be a good idea, but real security comes from community and many other related things.