State of the Word 2015

Here is the State of the Word presentation I delivered on Saturday, and the following Q&A.

If you just want to check out the slides, here they are on Slideshare:

5 thoughts on “State of the Word 2015

  1. Matt — I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate & respect what you’ve created, and how you continue to lead WordPress into the future. Not only do I love what you’re doing with WordPress—regardless of the hype or negativity that each release brings—but I can’t say enough about what you stand for as a human being.

    On behalf of the millions who use WordPress every day, whether it’s to make a living, make a fortune or just start writing… thank you.

  2. Your address was off-the-scale and the live steam looked fantastic! It was really awesome to see the official acknowledgement and municipal support from the city of Philadelphia with the beautiful resolution. Congratulations to the WCUS organizing team for REALLY making things happen.

    WordPress 4.4 is an early Christmas gift and I’ve been too busy playing with our new toy to say “Thanks!” WP-4-Life! 😉