Wired has a fun and informative look at How to Rig a Presidential Election in 1000 Easy Steps. Basically it’s impossible — I hadn’t really thought of this before, but every precinct has its own officials from both parties that certify everything, there are just a ton of people involved at every step of the process. All that said, I would love if voting platforms were completely open source software and had paper receipts that could be verified manually.

Also speaking of politics getting dirty, the San Francisco State Senate race has had a ton of falsehoods and attacks from Scott Weiner, someone I’ve met before and previously thought was a nice guy, but the latest mailers I’ve seen have just been deceitful (especially considering the Guardian actually endorsed his opponent, Jane Kim).

18 thoughts on “Defrauding an Election

  1. I thought you were smarter than me, even I know you defraud the election before the voting takes place. Don’t listen the the BS from the media its to point you in another direction you should know that.

    Its the rigging the DNC to favor your candidate and having the GOP good old boys go along to get along. Its having the media lap dogs buy into the system until they own it by proxy.

    Duh only a person that expects something from the system would not say they can’t see the fix is in. So stay focused on the propaganda bis and don’t point people to the shiny things to take their eye off the prize.

    Freedom and fair elections matter if they steal the election what stops them from taking your stuff too?

    The media is suppose to be balanced and unafraid they are now idiots or scared mongrels at best. They were the 1st line of defense for a free country now they are the main line to stealing the election, its not about who wins as much as it is who chose them, the people or the corrupt system.

    Its obvious neither candidate is presidential stuff I do believe the backup team as VP is a much better a choice. If Hilliary gets in we are stuck with Kaine (New World order). I don’t like that idea at all do the research. Its pretty obvious few people really wanted these two to run for that matter I haven’t seen but a couple in the last 40 years worth voting for as president and its by design.

    See you don’t have to be that smart to see what the hell is going on. Love your products hope you can keep them from socialism.


    1. There is a reason that I really like that wikipedia format. It’s because opinions without facts are discouraged and notes to the public that such and such is still yet unverified are reminders that we are still waiting for said author to back up the factoid with verifiable sources.
      I am neither pro nor con to what you wrote but I am very interested in seeing the backup documentation to it. Several years ago, I also use to write like this but having seen the proper way of presenting informative material, I am adverse to going backwards.

      1. Its simple the fact is its in your media face bias and they don’t care what you believe as long as they can hold off until the election is over. If you can’t see it you don’t want to.

        Its just like most not all but most of the riots were based on a bias media as part of the instigators of the violence. After the facts came out most of the propaganda was found out to be untrue, just as we will see here. Just keep the lies going until the damage is done and you get the results you want.

        Front page lies with back page small post to retract lies.

  2. Not a big fan of electronic voting, way too sensitive to fraud.

    Imagine how much could be done with the money that is spent on elections.

    I’ve found this one of the weirdest things of elections. You have people losing their jobs, homes, not being able to afford health care.

    Politicians promising change, from a neutral perspective, and all of them spending tons of money on stuff to promote a message, possibly providing some jobs.

    Why not make promotional material that actually helps people? Like canned food for example.

  3. Hmmmm… you’re asking the wrong question! The issue of rigging the election isn’t about fixing the vote after, but about disenfranchising 100s of thousands of people (mostly black and latino) by rigging the voting system, thus denying them to right to vote!

    1. Could you explain the rigging the voting system with a little more detail??

      Don’t you believe you should have as much identification to vote that you do to cash a paycheck? Like a legal citizen with a photo ID? If there are more issues than that I may be uninformed?

      1. Well, here in the UK, you need absolutely nothing aside from stating your name and address, in order to vote. You do get a form in the mail but you don’t actually have to present it when you vote. Most vote fraud here is the result of postal voting.

        But as I said, the biggest problem in the US are racist/classist state governments! At least 25 states have passed ‘laws’ that de-enfranchise many black citizens or made it extremely difficult for black citizens to vote.

        And then you have you have the Diebold voting machines with no paper trail, with OSs that can be hacked.

        But worst of all, you only have two parties to vote for and yuo call it democracy (just like here)!!!

    2. How is that possible? Nobody who is a citizen can be denied a vote. ID cards are issued free of charge to people who cannot afford them. ID cards are in everybody’s wallet these days. You cannot cash a check, take an airplane bus or train without an ID. You often cannot pickup medications without it. You cannot buy alcohol or tobacco without it. Please tell me black and latino people do not do any of these things.

      1. Apparently voter fraud in the US is incredibly rare:


        Somewhere around 11% of eligible voters don’t have access to government ID that would enable them to vote, which could be because of something like their name changing (marriage) or an address change:


        To the extent fraud is possible, it’s much more possible with voting by mail since in most cases ID laws don’t apply. If it were just about fraud ID laws should apply to voting by mail as well:


        I just voted by mail myself today, actually! (Just once, not fraudulently. :))

        I’ve had an ID my entire life that I can remember, so requiring some sort of ID seems like a common-sense measure, but this story from Houston (my home) opened my eyes to how it can actually be a huge time and money cost to get a new ID, for a 65-year-old who was born in Texas and lived his entire life there:


  4. “Officials from both parties” secures nothing. From the perspective of an average American, both parties are exactly the same in that they exist to keep America polarized and to perpetuate policies that keep their government paychecks large while we carry the cost on our backs. Of course both parties are content to rig the election in favor of whichever candidate ensures they continue to get their fat paychecks while America remains divided arguing over petty things that dont matter when you can barely afford to feed your family because you work to pay taxes for gov’t benefits that you don’t qualify for. Both parties have been working together to this end for over 30 years. A poor people is an easily controlled people, and the candidate who continues to secure this vision of the elite is the candidate who will win. Both parties are in on it.

    1. As we watch the donkeys and elephants huddle together in secrecy to conspire for Hillary its pretty obvious to a 5th grader something stinketh starting with the news media.

  5. Dig more into the Super Delegate system and electoral college, and how it interprets and quantifies (or not) our vote. That’s where the democratic system is rigged at the fundamental federal level.

  6. To think an election cannot be defrauded is being naive. Many people vote several times in different districts and are not caught. False registrations are happening and not caught. Voter rolls that have not been cleaned for years contain the names of dead people who can still legally vote since an ID is not always required to vote only say your name. Illegal aliens who have a valid state issued driver’s license can vote in some districts even though they are not legally allowed to. All these and many other ways the votes of American citizens are being degraded. I like your products, I think business people should keep their politics to themselves as they risk to lose clients. You have one vote like anyone else, I want to conduct business with you but if I have to be subjected to your political views I might look elsewhere. When I do business with you I do not bring my political opinion into it.

  7. I notice we keep going back to the lame voting machines focus as nearly impossible but now know that are not so hard to calibrate for the left as we get new information in, oh thiose pesky factoids the left hates.

    Election and voter fraud are myths? Who knew? Despite mounds and decades of evidence to the contrary, the media tell us that Trump is “dangerous” and “undemocratic” for daring to suggest that this election, including the media’s coverage of the candidates, is rigged. We may appropriately quote 1984: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” Right now they have the control; it’s our job to wrest it back from them.

    Since the final debate, there’s been hardly a mention of 1) The Clinton Foundation – a criminal enterprise 2) Hillary’s incitement of violence at Trump’s rallies 3) The modern Middle East, half burned down, thanks to Hillary. And yet we are supposed to believe that it’s all Russia’s fault…

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