One of my favorite new .blogs is The Dongle blog, at I think it’s mostly meant to be funny, but I really agree with this post pointing out you really need something that lets you plug in your lightning headphones to your laptop. I’ve been trying out the Audeze EL-8 and they only have a lightning connector.

2 thoughts on “Another Dongle

  1. Awesome blog, though I must say a bit sad. if you don’t mind I want to put this as a link in the comment section of this recent op-ed I did on my own blog comparing Apples latest blunders (Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.) To Commodores blundering of the Amiga computer, which ultimately led to their downfall. Though while Commodore had a sound engineering staff, they suffered from inept management and a clueless marketing department. Apple is suffering from poor engineering, while they have a good management staff and an excellent marketing department. You can read the piece here,

    I want to ask you how you like the new MBP, dongle hell aside, however that is akin to the asking Mrs Lincoln what she thought about the play, the messy incident with her husband aside.