State of the Word, 2016

The full video and Q&A from 2016’s State of the Word last week in Philadelphia is now online. This year was especially exciting because it wasnt’ just a look back at the previous year, but sets out a new direction for where WordPress will be in 2017 and beyond.

If you want just the slides, here they are:

State of the Word 2016 from photomatt

Like every year, there was a ton of help bringing this together. Mark Uraine led the slides, and at various points these folks pitched in as well: Mel Choyce, Tammie Lister, Michael Arestad, Ashleigh Axios, Ian Dunn, Corey McKrill, Martin Remy, Josepha Haden, Alex Kirk, Marina Pape, Alx Block, Cami Kaos, Matias Ventura, Donncha O Caoimh, John Maeda, Barry Abrahamson, Nikolay Bachiyski, Chrissie Pollock, Sam Sidler, Boris Gorelik, Dion Hulse, Brooke Dukes, Sarah Blackstock. I also got input and suggestions from Petya Raykovska, Tony Perez, Joe Casabona, Helen Hou-Sandi, Jon Bossenger, Jason Cohen, Daniel Bachhuber, Drew Butler, Ryan Boren, Andrew Roberts, Joost de Valk, Stephane Daury, Dion Hulse, Gary Pendergast, David Bisset, Ryan McCue, Alex Shiels, Brian Krogsgard, Joe Hoyle, Sean Blakeley, Andrew Nacin, Mark Jaquith, John Blackbourn, and thank you to Rose Kuo for inspiring the poetry theme which featured prominently this year.

Tavern and Post Status wrote up the talk itself. As a follow-up I did interviews with both to expand on some of what was discussed in the speech. The Post Status one is now up and you can watch it here:

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Please work to get more of the editor and its metabox functionality out into the realm where developers can use it on the frontend! Right now it is EXTREMELY difficult to get post type metaboxes into the frontend and there’re are a long list of use cases for that.

[…] WordCamp US でのマットの基調講演で、2017年は今までのような期限を決めたリリースサイクルを廃止することが発表されました。WP REST API、エディター、カスタマイズ用機能という三本柱に力を入れて開発を行い、それぞれの準備ができ次第リリースとなるそうです。上記のブログ記事でも触れられていますが、新リリース体制についての考えを掘り下げた Post Status のインタビューも面白いです(英語のリスニングより読むほうがいいという方は YouTube のキャプションをオンにしてどうぞ)。 […]