I joined in for the James Altucher podcast in an episode that covered a lot of ground. One clarification was the point of the story about my Dad not making much at his old job was that companies should be thoughtful about compensation especially for the people who stay with them the longest, not that loyalty is a myth or something to be avoided. It just needs to be two-way.

2 thoughts on “On the James Altucher Show

  1. Interesting interview, a lot of issues and ideas were covered.

    I thought that you were sensitive to Jame’s linguistic style, his mind seems to work quickly and jump around — and he interrupts, but you were okay with all that, for it didn’t seem to throw off your focus and ability to listen and follow the topics he addressed. I noticed that you would show that you were listening when he spoke by saying things like “aha, yes”, etc., so on that level it was fascinating to listen too, because I found it refreshing to hear the president of a company that has excellent listening skills.

    Indeed, your father was a moving example of the need for company loyalty; the old paradigm of use and take for granted is a dinasour. And you do honour your Dad by how you run your companies, it was heartwarming to hear that WP and Automatic both have high standards and unique too, in how employees are paid and treated.

    The part where Jame’s asked you why you didn’t sell WP had some good things to think about arise from your replies, such as: what is important in one’s life, how does one keep interests and activities new and inspiring.