There’s a new “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list out! I follow the list and try to check out restaurants on it when I’m in the area, and as of last month had made it to 28 out of 50 of last year’s list. It’s a goal but in a rolling, gentle fashion: as the list changes every year I’ll probably never make it to 100%, but I enjoy exploring the highlighted folks and I’ve never had a bad meal at one. I was able to make it to Eleven Madison last month and predicted they might take the top spot, which they did in a well-deserved win. As with any award, there are lots of detractors, but Scott Vogel at Houstonia has a great essay on Why the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List Matters, which encapsulates nicely what the list represents to me.

8 thoughts on “New Top 50 Restaurants

  1. Thanks for sharing the list. I just ate at Trois Mec in LA and it was one of the best meals I’ve ever experienced! It’s a fixed menu designed by the world famous chef, Ludo Lefebvre. It’s in a strip mall and you’d never know what is happening there if you drove by. A real gem and off the beaten path, but well known to foodies.

    LA is coming up strong as a food epicenter with the LA Food Bowl event as well, a month long festival in May.

    1. Hey Kurt! Just remember what is truly affordable. Stay focus and your life comes first. The meal is of your choosing. The best dessert is making your own decisions and giving yourself the opportunity to leave the door open for choices.

  2. Great sharing this list! Being Italian, I was super curious to see which Italian restaurants were on the list and pleasantly noticed about Bottura hitting the second place: he’s a genius even though I bit too daring for my restaurant’s attitude. And, finally, I agree abut why a list matters, even though it is just a list…

  3. This blog post is timely as we’re heading to Barcelona next month and excited to see Tickets made it on to the list. We’d already seen some good reviews for it on Foursquare so added it to our ‘Barcelona must do’ list. Now we’re even more excited & looking forward to trying it out!

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