Interview on Gutenberg and Future of WordPress

Yesterday I was able to have a great conversation with Adam from WP Crafter, a popular Youtube channel with over five million views. Adam said it was his first interview but you can’t tell, we had an excellent conversation that covered Gutenberg, the 5.0 release, why WordPress has done well so far, and what’s coming in the future. If you’d like more context than text or tweets can give for what’s happening in WordPress today, check it out.

Of course Friday and Saturday are WordCamp US, which returns to Nashville this year. Everything will be live-streamed for free, including my State of the Word presentation on Saturday, you just need to pick up a free streaming ticket.

5 replies on “Interview on Gutenberg and Future of WordPress”

It was awesome to see Matt on my favorite WordPress YouTube channel! Transparency like this is unheard of in most industries.

Great interview! Was very impressed by the number of kids at the Camp. I love the community’s focus on UX, the marketshare and growth is evidence that what your team is doing is helping people. As a CMS agnostic professional, handing off a WP site to a client is going to be even easier in the future. Thank you, your team and community. I look forward to start contributing myself.

WordPress 5.0.1 is live and many people who work with WP complain about the new editor (Gutenberg), and there is some hysterics about using it. Do you think that this editor will give a boost to something better or create more problems for the community?

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