Iceland Film

I wanted to share with you all a short film I made with the help of Stephen Bollinger, with videos I made a few years ago on a photography trip to Iceland with Om and Mark. I hope it provides five minutes of serenity in your day.

12 thoughts on “Iceland Film

  1. The drone work is impressive in a place with so much water and wind! Beautiful video – I love seeing the horses. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I appreciate how, the moment the music became less intense (1:46-ish), the scene switched to free-falling water and soaring birds. I feel like that was very well-timed.

    Wow, that whole place is ridiculously pretty.

  3. So enjoyed this flick, Matt… the filmography, the music / vocalization… all wonderfully done and relaxing!…

    Thanks for sharing… will pass it on and plan to regularly view it.- F