Whoop Podcast

Whoop is an excellent biometrics bracelet I’ve been wearing for a few months since my friend Jaime Waydo joined as their CTO. After many years of being very in the Garmin 945 camp, I now do an Apple Ultra for all the smart stuff, and Whoop for all the great sleep, HRV, and recovery information that I use to be aware of my energy levels throughout the day, complemented by the Rise sleep and energy tracker app. This has been my ideal combo.

The founder and CEO of Whoop, Will Ahmed, interviewed me for their podcast, which we covered for a more mainstream audience my passion for open source and creating an open ecosystem for a web, how I got started as an entrepreneur, how Automattic hires, growth mindset and mental clarity, working with Joe Hudson as an executive coach, and day-to-day routine (or lack thereof, sometimes).

2 thoughts on “Whoop Podcast

  1. Whoop has been my go to sleep/recovery tracking for over a year now. After years of tracking sleep/hrv/rhr in a bunch of different ways it has absolutely become my go to way to know whether to back off from PT.

    I wish it was better at tracking strain for things like PT and rehab though.

  2. Excellent podcast. “Customer-centricity” is a great North Star. As you may know, almost a quarter of all of WordPress customers have some for of disability. I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss an OSS project to eradicate barriers to digital content.