Sonos Tip

If you’re obsessed with Sonos like I am, a nice MacOS utility is the Menu Bar Controller. Hat tip to Mike Tatum, who happened to be the gentleman who convinced my parents it was okay for me to drop out of college and move to San Francisco to take a job at CNET. Mike’s now at Sonos and in October arranged for some top execs at Automattic to go to Santa Barbara to meet with their peers at Sonos, and Patrick Spence and I did a joint CEO town hall that was broadcast to both of our companies. It was I think fascinating for both sides because of a shared passion for craft, design, culture, and execution, but our companies are in no way competitive, so it allowed for a lot of transparency. I learned a ton, and I think that kind of sharing is what increases the mimetic evolutionary speed of companies.

Atoms are hard! I think I’ll stick mostly to bits.

2 thoughts on “Sonos Tip

  1. A long time Sonos user here as well. I love my good old speakers (still in the S1 app). They do the trick and the sound is… Amazing!!!
    I would like to have an app like that available for Android. That would be very nice!