Beeper & Texts

It’s such a delight when a plan comes together and unfolds, especially when it’s something you’ve been working on for many years. Today the announcement went out that we’re combining the best technology from Beeper and Texts to create a great private, secure, and open source messaging client for people to have control of their communications. We’re going to use the Beeper brand, because it’s fun. This is not unlike how browsers have evolved, where solid tech and encryption on top of an open ecosystem has created untold value for humanity. Eric Migicovsky has written well about the plan going forward.

A lot of people are asking about iMessage on Android… I have zero interest in fighting with Apple, I think instead it’s best to focus on messaging networks that want more engagement from power-user clients. This is an area I’m excited to work on when I return from my sabbatical next month.

12 thoughts on “Beeper & Texts

  1. Matt, what an intriguing deal. I still remember Trillian and Pidgin well. With Bepper and Texts, Automattic has become a messaging powerhouse. I have high hopes that the team will succeed in migrating the two platforms into a central messaging app while prioritizing data privacy. Matt, you’ve proven that you and your team are capable of achieving this.

    1. It’s just a child theme of 2013, the old default WP theme, which fully supported post formats. Hopefully we get that back in the next one. 🙂