Curly Function for PHP added

It’s called PHPCurlMe, so check it out. (I know, that’s an incredibly compelling reason, but it’s late.) No any installation instructions for b2 yet because, as previously stated, it’s late and I’d like to tweak it some more. But I realized that if I continue obsessing about it being absolutely perfect right now I’m never going to get it out there. So think of this as a submission for peer review, a first draft. Right now the function is a little conservative for my tastes.

2 thoughts on “Curly Function for PHP added

  1. I was just thinking about what would be cool for this function and for international users: an optional ‘language’ argument.
    Why ? Because there are other ways to quote text, depending on the language. The French do ­ + a half-width non-breaking space to open quotes, and a half-width non-breaking space + » to close them. The German do something that looks like two commas, then a closing ‘english’ double quote. I’m not even talking about the rules for quoting inside quoting, as that is not even scarcely handled by most word processors anyway 😉
    I’ll just add that to the function, if I can. Should be a piece of cake.