Just Saying Hi

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize some of the wonderful visitors to this site. While I love you all, sometimes I get the most amusement out of people who come here from search engines. Since I don’t actually know who these net travelers are, here’s an open letter. Warning: some of these searches are a little off-color, so be careful which ones you click on. As of this posting though I’m either in the top ten results or on the page I link to.

To why does my optical mouse move by itself? — You’re obviously having issues beyond what my simple review can address, so I would recommend seeking the assistance of a professional. When you find out what’s causing it, let me know, because I’m as curious now as you are. Is there any event that coincided with this newfound movement?

To sexy photos josh lucas, josh lucas pic, and the other Josh Lucas searches — Stop bothering me! Though I must admit my friends Lucas and Josh, whose pictures these people see when they click on my site from this search, get a kick out of it. (Josh Lucas is some sort of actor.) Good thing I don’t have any friends named Britney.

To kayak naked — Whatever floats your boat. In a matter of speaking.

To sexy photo google — I found these pictures of the Google people, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

To “best buy” extended warranty opinion laptop — I had good experience taking my laptop back, but just don’t try it with a camera.

To enron women nude — Get a life! You’re on the twelfth page of results! No one looks that far!

To matt sony — Sony has me in a death vise; I love their products and I can’t stop. Run, while you still can.

To “apple sticker” — Okay this one is a trick because I do know who this is, because she sent me an email. It’s Leander Kahney, a writer for Wired, who’s working on a book called “Cult of Mac”. The picture she found (on the tenth page!) is going to be in the book as part of a chapter on Apple stickers. Pretty cool, huh?

To meaning of clie — Communications, Link, Information, and Entertainment. Your guess is as good as mine as to where the accent came from in Sony Clié.

To first day of school i was nervous about the first day because…….however i soon realized…… — I like someone who knows what they’re looking for.

To ihatelongdomainnames (German?) — Me too.

To movie quote ahhh the lowercase a — I have no idea what this means.

To adjusting toshiba laptop screen brightness — On my old 5005 There was a function key, and if you pressed that and one of the function keys at the top of your keyboard. Two of the function keys had little suns on them, and those were the ones you could adjust the brightness of your screen with. Also cranking the brightness down really lets you ink every bit of battery life out of it.

Okay, I think that’s enough vanity surfing for the day!

6 thoughts on “Just Saying Hi

  1. Okay, I would just like to personally thank the person from Trinity University who searched for “sexy photomatt” and came to this site 🙂 It really made my day.

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