Powerbook Revisited

Although I touched on the subject yesterday ever so briefly, I really can’t let another minute pass without talking about the new Powerbooks. Never have I seen so much fawning in the blog world about a single product, and I challenge anyone to find a comparable product release in the past year.

That said, I’m completely entranced. The ads are top-notch; the specs are flawless; the screen looks gorgeous; the operating system is everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m so deep in the reality-distortion field I don’t even remember what it was like on the outside anymore. I want to iSync my T68 and iPod and publish my iCal while listening to iTunes and I can’t imagine any other way I’d want it. Bluetooth! 802.11g!

A note on the screen, until relatively recently my laptop had the largest screen of any laptop, ever. Then toshiba released one the same size, and even with higher resolution. (I’ve had a similar Toshiba in the past though, and it was really unpleasant to use though.) I wasn’t phased, but now this comes along. Not only is it thinner and lighter, it has a larger screen and the OS is based on one I have grown to love deeply, despite the lack of any Windows-equivalent GUI. Now I just need to think of a way to scrounge up $3300 fast, before something else comes out.

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