Productive Day

I’ve been working with Becca at Kaveh Kanes for a while now, and I feel like a lot has been accomplished. Almost done with a new website, and I haven’t done one from scratch in a while so it’s felt good. Of course now I have to go and take my laptop which they never fixed back to Best Buy. What a drag! Hopefully they’ll be more helpful this time. Laptops are more trouble then they’re worth. Except this one.

4 replies on “Productive Day”

Ack! I would steer clear of Best Buy. Honestly, I’ve never used their service, but some of their prices are ungodly. At one time, they were charging around $40 to install RAM! I was going to set up a little cardboard stand outside the store and charge $10.

No I don’t make coffee there, I was just using their free wireless internet connection and wonderful enviroment to get some design work done. Not to mention the steady fuel of italian vanilla cream sodas. (Not sure how to line up those adjectives.

John, yeah their prices for service are pretty exorbitant, but since that’s where the laptop was bought with the service plan they either fix it or replace it, which isn’t a bad deal. Of course getting them to do either is a pain.