Because They’re Watching

This is just post to let everyone know that you can now browse PhotoMatt securely. The secure site is functionally equivalent except it doesn’t display the Wanderlust code because it will pop an annoying error since it’s loading remotely. It uses a self-signed 1024 bit SSL certificate which will pop up as not being from a trusted authority the first time you visit but if you add it to your trusted certificates (usually just a button click away) it won’t bug you anymore. Why do this? Because I can.

This will appeal to exactly 2 people.

4 thoughts on “Because They’re Watching

  1. Am I one of the two? And did I see you right – you are using 1024-bit encryption? I thought the best … Oh. The cert is signed with 1024-bit, but the actual HTTPS transport is, what, 128-bit? What do browsers use for encryption?

    Sleep-deprivedly yours,
    — Mike

  2. Yes you are! I believe that the browser uses whatever it can support, which in most cases is 128-bit. After trying to read this I am no the wiser for it. Does anybodyelse know?