It’s Only Right

Friends don’t let friends do Livejournal. If you or anyone you know wants help setting up a blog, let me know. I’m trying to help as many people I know as possible get online and blogging. It’s the Right Thing to Do. Plus I have this big ’ol dedicated server running at less than 10% capacity.

13 thoughts on “It’s Only Right

  1. right on brother! live journal is the armpit of the online writing community!
    very nice of you to offer up your space to save your fellow humans from the evils of live journal. =)

  2. how private do you want your life if you are posting a live journal on the internet?
    blog or otherwise.
    livejournal has too much downtown, and not enough control over the site. but…that is just my opinion.

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  4. sarabelle.. you mean downtime?
    i happen to like livejournal. the only problem is it sometimes (most of the time) detracts from my updating my real site..

  5. I think Becca meant that she can keep entries friends-only. But the suspense is over because she’s decided to get a “real” blog too :).

  6. Matt, should I just stop thinking about it? I’ve been excited about getting my own blog for over a month now. If you don’t think you can do it soon, please tell me so.