Mid-Term Tomorrow, Really

So after much ado my mid-term really, truly is tomorrow. There can be no further delays or misunderstandings, it’s just a fact. Truthfully I wish it was just over, as I have a lot of Houston schmoozing to catch up on. For now however I will try and immerse myself in the in the intricacies of moral philosophy.

In other news I went for a much-needed eye checkup today. One eye had hardly changed from my last checkup, but the other had jumped into the deep end of the pool of myopia. Within the week though I should have new lenses in my current glasses (I’m not crazy about my other pair). In geek terms, I’ll be going from 1024×768 to a crisp 1600×1200. Now if I could only increase my memory…

3 thoughts on “Mid-Term Tomorrow, Really

  1. So you may be increasing your resolution, but are you also gaining in color depth? Are we talking about a nice 16-bit vividness, or a rich and deep 32-bit? Or am I back playing the original Hardball on my 16-color EGA screen?