Piece of Cake

The mid-term on ethics was actually pretty easy, and the extra day or two of reading certainly didn’t hurt at all. It is really one of my favorite classes right now, and the professor has a really interesting British accent that seems to keep me quite interested in what he’s saying, or maybe I’m just dreaming. Of course living in Houston I should have a cinch on ethics, since our corporate community has it in bounds.

Over the past 3 hours I have caught up on more email than I thought possible. My inbox no longer runneth over. I have a strangely satisfied feeling that feels like I’ve done something, because email is not just a set of communication, but my inboxes (I have one address for business and one for pleasure) represent a set of things to do, of items screaming for attention in their unassuming way.

This was all done in what I believe to be the most perfect coffee house I have encountered so far: Outlets and ethernet ports every 4 feet and wireless so you don’t need to plug in, a friend who works there, very reasonable prices, good music, and some of the best bread I have ever tasted in my life. Well Sarah’s done with work now so I’m off.

For those that were asking, it’s called Kraftsmen and is at 4100 Montrose, 77006. It’s the place with the giant chessboard and the British telephone booth. Put another way, it’s inbetween the Black Lab and Cezanne’s and the Montrose Public Library. I also found out that they validate parking so that’s a plus.

5 thoughts on “Piece of Cake

  1. random comment: did you know Bill Clinton was a saxophone player? You’re well on your way to becoming President! 🙂

  2. Since my dear friend Mr. Mullenweg neglected to mention the name and location of the bakery in his “plug”, I will fill you all in 🙂
    It’s called “Kraftsmen” and is in the Montrose area between the library and the Black Lab. For those of you who don’t know where this is, it’s the little tiny plaza on Montrose between Richmond and West Main (I think that street is West Main…) the one with the big chess board.
    Anyway, everybody come and see! Matt’s right! It’s the best kept secret in Houston.