Peaks and Valleys and Belly-Buttons

I don’t usually like to discuss traffic, but here goes. Over the relatively short history of this website there have been a number of peaks in the traffic here, usually coinciding with some particular event. The first big surge came with the MTCurly plug-in, which is now really starting to show its age. However a single link from Todd Dominey had the counters rolling. Then there was quiet in the land, and I slowly but surely built up a readership of people searching for “enron women nude” and other interesting things. And then of course there’s Tantek, Christine, Jeffrey, Kathy, and Rannie.

Then came my pilgrimage to South by Southwest, and as a result of meeting people and posting summaries of the sessions, my hits rose predictably. At least until this picture showed up in Kottke’s link blog and had my head spinning and the counter rolling.

More recently, two incidents have made me rethink my entire approach to blogging. First my blog was invaded by the French. I’m not kidding. If anyone can tell me what this means I would greatly appreciate it, because all I know is it links to a photo of the lovely Sarah C. with one of my keys. Since then a number of comments have been left on various pictures of Sarah that say things like “Sensualité.” Speculation has run wild, especially since no one I know can get a good translation of the text, but the general consensus is that Sarah is secretly some sort of underground “entertainment” star in France and her rabid fans somehow stumbled across this site.

But today was the day that broke all the rules. I was expecting a bit of traffic from the new stuff but it came instead from a surprising source. Yes, I’ve been Barlowed.

Anyway, this is all tangential to what I’ve been trying to say the entire time, my new revelation. The whole writing thing has been done. People don’t need another interesting website, they’ve got so many of those they line them up like cattle in aggregators and extract their content in such a manner as to get through as many as possible. What the world is really thirsting for is web celebrity paparazzi. You want scandalous pictures of the web personalities you know and love, and I want to give them to you. We can have the exposé pictures, something like Tantek using Safari; the scandal photos, which could involve pretty much any situation with a certain blonde SxSW panelist; and finally the relationship tracker, where to start, there are tons of these going around.

I see untold dozens of dollars waiting to be tapped in this nascent market. Obviously this is too large a task for me alone, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m also curious to hear some thoughts on this. How long before we see Josh Davis while standing in line at the supermarket?

5 thoughts on “Peaks and Valleys and Belly-Buttons

  1. There is some truth here. After posting pictures of Ernie at LYD my traffic soared. After posting pictures of Heather Champ my Traffic soared.

    Bloggers just love pictures of web celebrities.

    Strangely enough, there was no spike in traffic after I posted a picture of me and Cory Doctorow.

    I wonder what will happen if I post a picture of Mena and Ben Trott.

    Get your blogshares today šŸ˜‰ cause I’m experimenting to up my value.

    tee hee šŸ˜‰

  2. i just want to know who the secret girlfriend is and that’s why i keep coming back… because by golly, i thought it was me (don’t deny it) and now i’m highly disappointed.

  3. “using Safari”? Good luck. Dude, I haven’t even installed OSX yet. – Tantek (who is thankful that he was somehow completely obscured by Adam in the Adam-on-Jeffrey’s-lap photo).

  4. Alert! Insider trading info on Rannie. Between this and the hot tip I got on Jish… Rannie, between the two of us we probably have enough for at least one full-length tabloid.

    Kathy, the secret is in the pictures. šŸ™‚

    Tek, you got off easy this time. šŸ˜‰

  5. i have found some sensuality with this pic… each day, i select a sensual pic of a photoblog… my blog is called “La Douceur de la Soie” (tenderness of silk) and feat. poems about sensuality and soft eroticism… no she’s not a star šŸ˜‰