Just Like Mom

I’m a little late, but Evan Goer wrote a characteristically funny post and it looks like his mother left a comment that had me rolling in laughter, mostly because I could see my mom saying the exact same thing.

I followed your link to Chordiant’s home page, and I couldn’t figure out exactly what your new company does based on its self-description–other than it involves attractive women looking at computer screens. Still, I have no doubt that you will help them do it better.

I better get to sleep before this storm comes through and knocks me offline again. I have so much posting to do but it’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow. In the mean time oogle some pictures.

3 replies on “Just Like Mom”

Yeah, that was definately a Momism, wasn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Gotta go, the cat’s (Persephone) chirping at the ceiling again, and I’m wondering what flavor of bug or gecko she’s chasing…and if it’s going to fall on my head. Love to you, Sweetie, and I miss you terribly!