Behaviorist Joke

Another gem. Professors can be so funny:

One behaviorist walks up to another at a party and says, “You’re doing fine. How am I?”

5 thoughts on “Behaviorist Joke

  1. Reminds me of an old linguist joke:
    A Linguistics 101 professor tells a new class, “In English, a double-negative is actually a positive. In Russian, a double-negative remains a negative. But there are no languages where a double-positive equals a negative.” From the back of the class a bored student groans, “Yeah right.”

  2. The punchline of the “yeah right” joke was actually “Yeah, yeah.” And it actually happened. The speaker was J.L. Austin, who was speaking at Columbia, and the voice in the back belonged, not to a student, but to the philosopher Sydney Morganbesser.