On The Matrix Revolutions

It was a really, really great movie. Go see it. No spoilers here. 🙂 We were the very first people in the movie theatre, which was nice because we got the best seats. One of the times I saw Reloaded I had second row seats way too close to the screen and it was pretty miserable.

If you’ve seen it already, let me know what you thought. Spoilers are open in the comments.

13 thoughts on “On The Matrix Revolutions

  1. i’m gonna see revolutions this weekend, so i choose to take your word over that of some critics. personally, i thought reloaded was a pretty good movie, too. the first one was better, but the second one was still definitely worth watching more than once. i have high hopes for the third]

  2. Saw a matinee today and thought it was definitely better than Reloaded. I felt like the fights weren’t as cheesy/meaningless and that the CG was actually much better. I loved the hive like behavior of the machines. The story/end was good and seemed to complete the trilogy well. I’m sure it will take a little while for the philosophical meaning to sink in, and that several people will be upset with it, but I’m glad it ended the way it did.

    I’ll probably see it again.

  3. Revolutions did finish off the trilogy nicely, but most of my friends agreed with me that the fights and philosophical ideas in Reloaded were WAY freakin’ cooler than anything Revolutions had to offer.

    Other friends here at school knew what psychos were are about the Matrix, and we got if it fulfilled all our hopes and dreams. We actually liked our hopes and dreams a lot better (we had come up with some pretty weird ideas — like “nested Matrices” — a Matrix within a Matrix — the Real World is just another Matrix, just another level of control). We’re pretty sure that would have blown our minds more than anything else.

  4. I enjoyed the movie, but what I really found annoying were parts of the last fight when they’re floating in the air. That was way too DragonBall-esque…

  5. There were parts of the movie that I liked, but mostly there were parts that I didn’t like. I had already grown tired of the “What should I do now?” “You already know what to do.” banter in the last one and there was even more in this one. I mean, how many times can people actually talk about something without saying… ANYTHING? I guess I’ve been pre-conditioned after seeing so many movies that actually have a beginning, middle, and end.

    “A childhood dream come true”? Come on! What childhood dream has a B&D scene in it, complete with half-naked people abusing themselves. (When I was a child, a “titty twister” was something you avoided.) You know, it isn’t the surreallistic nature of the film that I couldn’t handle (I think Highlander and Gattaca were a couple of the best films ever), but it was the meaningless dialogue. Remember the catch phrase, “Where’s the beef?” Revolutions is bound to start another one – “Where’s the storyline?”

  6. BB, I don’t want to repeat myself, but if you’re interested you can hop on over to my blog and read my entry on why I liked it.

    As for the storyline ‘missing’ I’m not sure what you mean? Reloaded maneuvered the pieces into place, Revolutions executed them. You can think of the first movie as being a single entity and the sequels as being a single movie as well. Revolutions is the climax to Reloaded (as well as the Animatrix).

    Personally I found that most people were unwilling to put a bit of back into the Matrix. Personally I have gobbed up every single bit of Matrix-matter out there and I was clinging to my seat for the entire movie…

    See, I don’t understand how people can continue to talk about poor dialouge, poor acting, poor script, poor effects, poor this, poor that… Didn’t these people see the first movie? It was all of the same… Only better.

    As for the ‘rave’ in Zion/Neo and Trin getting it on, people bitching about _that_ scene should’ve just stopped and not seen anymore of the movie. If the kung-fu is the meat and bones of the franchise, that scene is the very heart.

  7. Poor dialogue? Poor storyline? Excuse me, but the explanation was given in the first movie. The remaining movies were the unfolding of one of the basic ideas of the entire plot. I mean, come on!! Humans are trapped as batteries for their own creation, the “machines”, which are dependent of humans to survive. Looks like a storyline to me… Now the question is: do YOU go see these movies mainly because you want to see smashed cars in built a-new highways, guys in suits with an extremely articulate speech dodging bullets, hot sex scenes between famous actors, or you go because you want to “bake your noodles” trying to understand the story, the consistency of what they don’t NEED to say, because it’s already been explained ( “Choice. The system is based on choice…”), or both.?
    It’s alright if you just go for the action, but don’t criticise those who go for the “noodle” part.

  8. I’ve seen all three movies and I have to say that the third was the worst, but that’s just me. I don’t like the fact that Trinity dies and the ending was awful. They could of come up with something better then just ending it like that.