Someone just reported when they visit it tries to download a file instead of showing the web page. Can anyone recreate this?

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  1. My guess would be that their IE user agent string is mangled and the page is getting served as application-xml to IE, which will cause it to try to save it as a file rather than display it.

    Either that or their content handlers have gotten messed up for application-xml.

  2. All of these results are on a win2k machine:

    Opera 7.5, all agent strings – OK
    IE 5.05 – Ugly, but OK
    IE 5.5 – Ugly, but OK
    IE 6 – OK
    Firefox 0.9 – OK
    Mozilla 1.3.1 – OK

  3. Their computer is probably infected with some form of malware which is causing this. Suggest to them to run AdAware or some other malware capturing program.

  4. No problem with me whatsoever.


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