Dallas Meetup

Ryan is doing the WP meetup in Dallas tomorrow. I’ve been busy at work and forgot that was this weekend, I think we’re too late to do the official Meetup thing but I’d be willing to meet some San Francisco WordPress people for coffee tomorrow afternoon.

Todo Lists

I was really impressed with Ta-da list, the latest from 37signals, enough even to put all my todos into it. I started writing this post because I couldn’t get to my todos because of a problem with their server, and I was going to say how hosting your own is sometimes best, but they seemed […]

Louisiana WordPresser

Web log Meetup group searches for members. “I’d rather blog than talk on the phone,” he said. “I’ll blog four or five entries a weekend. I’ll just sit there watching movies or listening to music and spend about 10 hours (blogging). Just whenever the mood strikes me.”

Blog Jobs

Brian Alvey is looking for blog designers and programmers, presumably to work on his Weblogs Incorporated Network. Brian is a great guy, so if you can work with him you should. (Note: This isn’t a WordPress job, they use a custom Microsoft ASP/SQL engine.)