Monthly Archives: April 2005

Bla-bla List

Someone cloned all of Ta-da List into Bla-Blah List which uses Flash for the interface instead of HTML/JS. What’s even more interesting is it’s all Open Source, so now I could run my own copy of Ta-da on one of my machines. Too bad the backend is in Java and not something I could easily run, like PHP, Python, Ruby, or Perl.

Seattle Meetup

Okay, so the Seattle meetup is going to be on Saturday at 1 PM in downtown Seattle. Exact location to be determined. Scoble is going to suggest some places and come out and Scott Berkun is also trying to make it out. Should be some interesting conversation. If you leave a comment with an email I’ll email you when we know the place. Update: Here’s the skinny.

USF using WordPress

Mark Jaquith wrote in to say “The University of South Florida in Tampa is using WordPress to run student blogs. The blogs are available to each of the school’s 42,000 students! The blogs have some pretty slick features like an included Gallery photo album, a unified login system, integration, Flickr integration, and pre-installed CSS varieties. They even provide unified RSS/Atom feeds for all of the blogs.” I don’t know what to add to that, except that this is fantastic. I wonder how long before other universities start to follow in their footsteps?