Automattic Beta is no longer a placeholder, it now has a bit more info about the team behind and Akismet. This is what I’ve been working on since I left CNET. The site is still just a shell though, a lot more tidying up to do there. Your mileage may vary. (Should we call it Beta?) This week is pretty jam-packed with announcements, so stay tuned. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Automattic Beta

  1. Hmm… I like the overall design, but I think you should pick a different background image for each of the “About”, “Services” and “Projects” blocks when you hover…

  2. World domination seems a likely possibility for you young Mr Mullenweg.

    I really like the domain name (after I figured it out). The style is clean yet funky.

    Here’s hoping you start making barrel-loads of money and become a bitchy snob like Mena (cos I wanna see you swear and pout on a podium).