In Cincinnati

I’m in the Cincinnati airport, and they just announced an emergency. All of the stores have closed and the halls are empty, everyone has proceeded to the nearest exit. Except the people around me. I’m on a flight to New York, and apparently the blinking lights and alarms don’t don’t phase these folks. The desk attendent just announced they’re boarding zones 2 and 3. Okay, they just announced my zone, see you guys on the flip side. Update from Blacberry: Right after I got on the plane they made all those jaded New Yorkers evacuate like everyone else and they’ve stopped people from boarding the plane. Update 2: They seem to have fixed things and people are boarding again. I wonder what the problem was.

5 thoughts on “In Cincinnati

  1. Now you know why so many New Yorkers were extremely pissed to see that they came to work on 9/12 trying to carry out business, to find that people in every other city in the US didn’t go to work. New York stops for nobody.

    That’s the fun of NYC.