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On Automattic Launch

SiliconBeat has a good article on the launch of Automattic and the Yahoo deal. We also ended up in Infoworld. Scott Gatz wrote a bit about the Yahoo deal, saying “The Hosting team also did a similar deal with Moveable Type last week, so if you prefer that, its just as easy. (although I personally prefer the simplicity and extensibility of WordPress).”

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[…] Yesterday it was announced that Yahoo will bundle WordPress right alongside Movable Type on their website! Matt and the rest of us were keeping mum on everything until yesterday, but now it’s out I can blog this. Matt has links to online coverage of the event. Me? I think it’s great, the best blogging platform just got a huge boost from a very major player on the Internet! Maybe when I talk to people about blogs in the future they’ll know what I’m talking about! […]

[…] These couple of days have the days with many announcements. Yahoo! Hosting now featuring WordPress as one of the engine for blogging there (along side Movable Type). Matt announced the launching of Automattic, which turns out is the mother company of bbPress, WordPress,, and Akismet. Congratulation for Ryan, Matt, Donncha, and Andy. Dougal got himself a dog (hey, that’s a good dog Dougal, I love dogs). And the most recent is: WordPress 2.0 will be released on December 26. It is one day pass Christmas day, but it still is a gift for all WordPress users. Merry Christmas, everyone! […]