Wireless BBQ

I’m up in Austin to work with Andy for a few days on the new stats system for WP.com. He found this BBQ place (Pokey Joe’s) that offers free wifi with their brisket, and I think I’m in heaven. What more could you want?!

11 thoughts on “Wireless BBQ

  1. +1 for Rudy’s. Pick up some breakfast tacos for breakfast and then go back for a late lunch outside on the patio. Their meat is great without their ‘sause’ but it kicks it up a whole ‘nother level. Put the word out and I’m sure you could get an impromptu meetup going.

  2. Go to the Salt Lick. Its down south in Hays county, but its all you can eat BBQ, and some of the best in Austin (or the state, depending on who you are). No wifi though, they country hicks.

  3. I could ask for more power outlets and a wifi connection that doesn’t reset every two hours… but I guess it keeps the all-day types out. Bear Rock Cafe has continuous wifi and power outlets on every booth. It’s on Parmer, west of Mopac. I found it via Auscillate. Good sandwiches, or cookies and milk! 🙂