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Check out the new bundling of WordPress with Yahoo Hosting, which is why I was biting my tongue so much last week. 🙂 We’re sitting next to Movable Type on their blog page, but I’m completely comfortable with new users trying out both and making their decision from there. (I often recommend it.) The other part of why this is interesting is the Akismet angle, which I wrote more about here.

18 thoughts on “WP on Yahoo

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  2. Great news. It is pretty much a one click operation. Yahoo also installs some plugins as default if you like. The install is still beta and there were some issues establishing the database connection but I got it to work the old fashioned way.

    When you add the 2 giga mail accounts (space not deducted from the hosting plan) this is great news. Also Yahoo is not going bankrupt anytime soon.

    Permalinks still require index.php unfortunately.

  3. I have activated the plugin but no luck. By the way the install only worked because after the “one click” install I got an error message saying the database could not connect so I found the config.php and had to enter the data manually as you would normally do with an FTP upload. I already have 5 wordpress blogs on Yahoo (which work really well) so can install manually but they should be aware their current beta process does not work. Where to trouble shoot this…

  4. Does WP get anything out of this in terms of monetary profit or do you just think Yahoo’s deal is just this great? I don’t mean to be negative but this seems like a lot of hype for something that Fantastico essentially does. If you are, then great, more time for WP development.

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  6. I agree for the boost over WordPress Plattform but I think this isn’t a great service: it’s expensively and you know that a wordpress update isn’t so difficult 😉
    There are so many good Cheap Domain Registrars and Free/Cheap Domain Hosting Providers…

    Greetings, Matteo

  7. What to say… just congratulations!! You are doing a great work making WP gettina market leader in it’s segment and reached a lot of goals in this last year and I’m sure more will come.

    Oh.. and Merry Xmas 🙂

  8. yahoo should do a little self-governing. what an “asshole” of a company. first-off – i’m a web/graphic designer. i’m savvy enough to know “enough.” here’s my beef: their PHP support sucks. they also throw in a little spyware into YOUR OWN CODE if you host on yahoo small business. they can’t do what i want to pay them to do. they also seem to think it’s necessary to throw in their own spy code regardless if you’re a paying customer or not. at least google makes no bones about taking over the world. they do it for free.

  9. Second post #14 by adam.

    If you run a yahoo hosted store like we do; the blog will be installed into a subdirectory and no way out.

    i.e url in browser will always say: http://www.site.abccompany.com/blog instead of abccompany/blog/com

    ( spent 2 hrs with techsupport – ok 45 minutes of it was holding for somebody) .

    I am by no means code savy but my other blogs hosted on a c-panel platform are a breeze to set up and mantain.

    Good intentions but no cigar 🙁