One Million Spam Blocked

Akismet has blocked over one million spam already.

9 thoughts on “One Million Spam Blocked

  1. Yeah.. about 64 of them are from my blog 🙂 It works amazing. Especially for me, since I’m on dialup… and loading the moderation quee was painful before, as they where all those huge 200-KB each porn comments.

    But no more 🙂


  2. Spam Karma works well for a lot of people, and you can use Akismet as a component of Spam Karma. If what you have works, then don’t change, but many people have found that most spam plugins lose their effectiveness over time. Akismet uses the network effort of the tens of thousands of people running it to protect the entire network.

  3. I installed it yesterday after leaving my blog dormant for like a year, and it’s already caught 1160 spam posts. I spent three hours in phpmyadmin deleting a year’s worth of spam from my comment system (almost 70,000.) Very happy.