Chuck Norris Facts 2.0

Chuck Norris 2.0. “Chuck Norris showers with AJAX but no water.” See also: Original Chuck Norris facts, New Chuck Norris facts, and the official Chuck Norris response. 🙂 Update: I highly recommend watching these Walker, Texas Ranger clips on Conan O’Brien. If that struck your fancy, you can always buy the DVD set, I just ordered it.

47 thoughts on “Chuck Norris Facts 2.0

  1. ok now, let me get this straight: you bought the Walker, Texas Ranger DVD set yet? Are you finished with Firefly yet?? Are you going to make me watch them, b/c I’ve been forced to do that before… Love, C.

  2. Yaaaaa-Chuck ! I appreciate you for 101 reasons ! Your’re the real thing! You’ve done a lot more than probably most people don’t realize. You’re a nice guy, a real hero, and a good example to those who need courage and determination.

    I give you my standing ovation ! I hope you stick around . I’ve read your book “Against All Odds” and it’s a fun read as well as enlightening . Definaltely worth the money .

    You go Chucky,

    Love you much ! Sandy

  3. Chuck Norris was not allowed into the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), due to his lethal roundhouse kicks to the face… So Chuck made his own UFC ” U….Fear…Chuck”

    Akez rules

  4. Chuck Norris is faster than a speeding bullet, but the phrase “Faster than a speeding bullet” sounds better than “Faster than a speeding Chuck Norris”, so Chuck granted permission to change the phrase.

  5. chuck norris while having a calm day at home was watching television when he became furious and began walking down the street punching every kid he saw and screamed “Trix are for Chuck Norris”

  6. Chuck Norris preformed brain surgery with a pipe wrench and someones broken off arm under water and that person is tonday know as Bill Gates.