Google Privacy

Yahoo and MSN give up your information without a fight, Google fights it. Who do you trust your data with more? Also how would a Web 2.0 company with a much more fragile financial state respond to legal demands from the US Goverment? “We’re going to spend millions fighting the DOJ” seems like a rough way to start a board meeting. 😉 Hat tip: Eric Haller.

8 thoughts on “Google Privacy

  1. Matt – MSN didn’t give up “your” information. This language makes it sound like the 11pm news (“Horrible diseases spread through your water supply. News at 11!”)… the reality is always far less sensational (or even truthful for that matter). One could say this is an example of a media darling using hyperactive bloggers to help tell a story where there’s clearly not a black or white answer. If so, don’t fall for it.

    MSN has one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive privacy policies on the planet – and a dedicated team of full-time people working to protect privacy. It’s something the company takes extremely seriously.

  2. Another interesting point is where the line should be drawn. In what cases should companies like Google and Yahoo give up their information, who should decide this and who would then have access to the information.