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At Web 2.0

This conference is really great. Right now Barry Diller is on stage fielding questions and it’s pretty high quality conversation. At the “launchpad” most of the demos were pretty unpolished, but one that stood out was Zimbra, which I blogged a few weeks ago. The best part, as with most conferences, is running into people outside of the sessions.

Web 2.0 Conference

Blogging may be light as I’ll be at the Web 2.0 conference and the surrounding activities the next few days. Since I couldn’t afford to attend it last year (a couple of grand is high for a college kid in Houston) I’ve been really looking forward to everything this year. I’m part of a workshop on “Open Source Infrastructure” at 9:45 AM, Wednesday. If you’re going to be at the conference I would love to meet you, so please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself!