Windows Tip

Something was listening on Port 80 and preventing my local webserver from working on my Windows XP laptop. Here’s how I tracked it down: Hit Windows Key + R, which brings up the Run dialog, then type “cmd” and press enter. You’ll be on a command line.

Type netstat -a -o -n and it’ll bring up a network list, I looked for one with as the local address and noted down the PID of 2600. To find out what PID 2600 was (hopefully not a trojan) I typed tasklist /FI "PID eq 2600" which means show me a tasklist, and filter (/FI) where the PID (process ID) is equal to 2600. This told me that it was Skype.exe that was running something on port 80 locally.

Finally I killed it using taskkill /PID 2600 and Skype was gone and I was able to start up my web server locally and do a little bit of offline coding. Windows actually has a pretty handy command line once you learn your way around it, it’s just the syntax is so inelegant to me after spending all day on Linux terminals. A final tip, you can type /? after most Windows commands to get the equivilent of a man page for that command.

Now for why Skype was listening or port 80 on localhost and serving blank pages… Ihave no idea.

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Web 2.0 Show

There is a new “Web 2.0 Show” (on podcast of course) that interviewed me as part of their innagural podcast. The Skype call quality was pretty bad, I must have been too close to the mic on my Powerbook or something. They said they’re fixing that for future shows.