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Microsoft iPod

What if Microsoft designed the iPod package? Great video and music. I’ll have to watch this again next time I’m working on a new website, less is more. Hat tip: sillybean.

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[…] This short video shows us what might happen if Microsoft packaged the iPod. Apple have famously gone for a minimalist approach to some of their products, whilst Microsoft tend to include just about everything they can possibly fit onto their boxes. This video parodies Microsofts approach and also has a great soundtrack – just what you need when you are trying to sell a music player. Via PhotoMatt […]

[…] See it at YouTube YouTube – microsoft ipod packaging parody. Via Matt Mulleweg, who commented “I’ll have to watch this nexxt time I’m working on a new website, less is more” …a statement which is slapping me silly as I’m trying to whittle away the chaff from the wheat on a design I’m working on. […]

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