15 thoughts on “WordPress.com VIP

  1. Interesting, I remember the conversations about this at wordcamp, and your earlier testing. I hope it works out good for you. I am curious if you’ve worked out media uploading for it. Or if you have a woork around for people using it. ie. Image and video files.

  2. Nice, but on the other hand, doesn’t the phrase “Because of the nature of this program it is not open to the general public” on the page you linked to, ring a tad untrue?

  3. I was recommended this VIP package by a good friend since I’ve had lots of problems with my own hosting and been looking for a better solution for my site. The price is nice and the package looks very interesting, but as I understand it I am limited to one single WordPress.com blog without any chance of running external scripts. Is that correct? I’d love to find out some more about it, so feel free to send me any propaganda you may have!

  4. Niklas, not everyone who applies is accepted.

    Andreas, correct you can only run WordPress, or things that run through WordPress. If you wanted to run another PHP script like Gallery or phpBB you’d need to do it somewhere else.

  5. Matt: It could still work for me, as long as I would be able to have external scripts (mainly statistics and sponsor material) linked into the site. But before I even start to consider it as an option, I’d better ask if you think that my site would fit into the program. I don’t want to spend several hours making plans and then find out that I’m not VIP enough, haha… =)

  6. Hi,
    I’m just wondering, what’s happening to WordPress. All the news, updates, testing, addons, and almost anything else is for or starts for a long while at WordPress.com. Am I wrong? I don’t see WordPress as the blogging engine, I see WordPress.com. What I mean is there is so much development and promotion going on for WordPress.com, what what about Good old WordPress. Is it going to be second? I mean there’s even WordPress.com for domains now. There is really no reason other then plugins, because custom themes are now an option for WordPress.com to use WordPress. But personally I like WP but it just doesnt seem like it’s being updated much, or not as much as WordPress.com Maybe it’s just me…

  7. Joe, the WordPress codebase is moving just as fast as WP.com. Version 2.1 will have spell checking, editor tabs, auto-save, much faster AJAX admin, and a ton of other improvements that have been tested and honed on WordPress.com. The reason you see more noise around WP.com is that a regular WP release happens 2-3 times a year, where on the .com we update things every night. If you want to live on the bleeding edge of new features, I’d highly recommend trying out the 2.1 alpha.

  8. Just a quick note to say that the VIP Hosting Program is a life-saver. I’ve been using WordPress for years now for its Personal Semantic Publishing Powers, but this is my first time on WordPress.com.
    At first it was hard to get used to the limitations, but now I realize they were for my own good!
    So, just like the Astronauts and Cosmonauts always say to Mission Control: I wouldn’t be here without you. Thanks!

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    Anousheh Ansari Space Blog

  9. P.S. It’s really cool how the Dashboard always reports that our blog is the Top WordPress.com Blog and Anousheh’s latest post is the Top WordPress.com post of the day.