Tune in to WordPress.tv

Today we’ve switched on WordPress.tv, a new space to geek out and learn about all things WordPress.

WordPress.tv is home to tutorials for both WordPress self-installs and WordPress.com to help you get blogging fast and hassle-free.

We’ve also aggregated and organized all that awesome WordCamp footage from around the web, on WordCampTV. There you’ll find videos and slideshows of presentations made by Automattic employees and other WordPress gurus, plus interviews I’ve done with the media and fellow bloggers.

Tune in regularly for fresh content and updates to the WordPress.tv blog.

As always, community comes first. You have a say in shaping the future of WordPress.tv. Just drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see added next.

44 thoughts on “Tune in to WordPress.tv

  1. That’s quite a bit Hulu lookin there πŸ™‚

    Should be a nice resource though. Hopefully enough people get into it to keep them updated. Should probably include a version in the tags for videos πŸ™‚

  2. Great new, Matt!

    I have a suggestion. It would be nice if the system allows the use of subtitles in another languages, as YouTube does. I write in Portuguese, and I notice the biggest part of my readers can’t understand English. Then, for them, subtitles are really necessary. You could ask to official localized communities to create the subtitles.

    Think about it :-).


    PS: I’m sorry my English. Despite I can understand the language well, my writing skills still need improvements…

  3. hi, matt! great to meet u @ wordcamp indonesia today. looking forward for your next session tomorrow! hope we’ll be able to hear more about WordPress.tv

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  5. This is fantastic. Already watched the first of the two part interviews, really great to put a voice to the face we so much of. I concur with Keon’s comment on making use of this for training, the topics I have seen listed for the How To’s is definately going to work to assist the few people I help out with their own blogs. Awesome.

    1. Why Heather, of course. She helps me with blog posts, especially when I’m traveling or otherwise busy. This was posted simultaneously with my keynote in Indonesia while I was on stage.

  6. Matt… thanks for coming to Jakarta-Indonesia. I saw you @ TV One yesterday. but sorry… I am living in Bandung, near with jakarta, and I cant to see you there. but by watching you in television, im very proud as one of member of blogger in wordpress.

    two thumbs up for you matt…. see you in the next time.

  7. Hey Matt, I hope you not lost in focus.

    and where automatic will you bring on the future? will it like joomla or even facebook? or still focused on blog platform.

    thanks πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow. What a great idea. I am continually impressed with how many new things you guys are rolling out. Can’t wait to tune in. By the way, love the accent. That must be new too. πŸ˜›

  9. Hey matt. I am glad i see that site launch up, and i hope it goes well (it will…) like other WordPress Projects.

    I have launch a greek web site, of a series of web sites regarding wordpress, called http://www.wpfav.gr which is a Bookmarking site for WordPress!


  10. I kept seeing this on my WordPress dashboard, and I kept meaning to check it out. I’m glad I finally did, it seems like a wonderful resources already.

    I large collection of WordPress video tutorials was really needed.

  11. Congratulations Matt! It sounds like a great new avenue to share, learn, experience.

    We at India are looking forward to having you with us at India’s first wordcamp on Feb 21, 22 :). Everyone’s quite excited.