Awesome Comment Plugins

Introducing IntenseDebate Plugins: add the features you want. Now ID has a plugin architecture (just like WordPress) that allows you to enhance the functionality of comments. First ones out the gate are polls, Youtube, Seesmic, and of course smileys. Want to supercharge your comments?

21 thoughts on “Awesome Comment Plugins

    1. Moses, that is exactly what this is – a way for any developer to make a plugin that every ID user can choose to use if they wish.

      According to the documentation, the structure of the plugin is very similar to regular WordPress plugins, so, it should be pretty easy for the most popular to be converted.

      ID have really hit the ball out of the park with this one.

  1. Maybe I didn’t read too far into the documentation, but it looked like the user HAD TO log in to post a comment, is this true? I love the concept…

  2. I’ve always wondered, why does Intense Debate and WordPress have separate logins? Are there plans to combine them?

    If I were to use ID on my hosted WP blog, I’d want my commentators to sign up with MY site, not ID.

  3. IntenseDebate is a joke , it doesn’t sync properly with your comments , and the load times will piss off your readers because it always adds an extra 5-10 seconds of load time.

    This comment btw is after I’ve had to deal with Intense Debate for over 3 months now.