Bangkok Boat Tour

A boat tour of several temples in Bangkok, followed by a dinner with traditional Thai dancing.

First here are some videos from the day:

8 thoughts on “Bangkok Boat Tour

  1. Nice photos you have there. I’ve been in Thailand 5 times and my 6th will be next month and I still have not experience the boat tour. But this time I will.

    Nice photos you have here. πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome to Bangkok! We’ve built a small business here managing WordPress websites for clients around the globe. Evangelizing WP to Thai developers one by one!

  3. Sawasdee Khrub. Wow, nice pictures Matt! I travel frequently to Thailand, yes my gf is a Thai girl πŸ˜‰ I would recommend you Ayutthaya, during the boat tour you’ll feel like in Venice but Thai style.

    Can I “steal” some of your pictures and videos for my Thailand related WordPress websites? lol

  4. Aaah, most excellent: I had dinner in that very same restaurant in January last last year (The Peninsula, right?). Only we sat on the outside, and so couldn’t enjoy the show being given inside — but did enjoy the many boats passing by. Hence, thanks a lot for the videos! Those boats are beautiful and very romantic.

    Did you get the “fighting” dance, where two actors play a fight scene, and which ends with one of them jumping over and finshing off the other? I have its final on a video, filmed from outside, and it’s already impressive enough, I’d have loved for you to get that “wow” moment on camera πŸ™‚

    Hey, side tip: if you want to get sympathy and smiles from ThaΓ― people (don’t think you’re still in Thailand, but for next time), say “bo penian” when you want to mean “it’s cool / it’s okay / hakuna matata”. Always got us cheers last year from everyone, even laughters. I understand it makes you sound like some sort of laotian yokel, but it’s fun anyway.

    High class trip, Matt, and great pictures!