Muay Thai boxing

Attending a Muay Thai boxing match and wandering around the Patpong market a bit.

Here are some sparring clips spliced together:

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    1. that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Trained for ten years, couple broken bones that healed fine and it is a great sport. Show me the maimed guys – that is just a silly comment.

  1. That looked like a really good match. I am surprised the ref was breaking up the Thai clinch like that, as the clinch is one of the most powerful of the 8 weapons.

    I train in Muay Thai here in the US. It is very demanding, and requires a lot of power and cardiovascular health.

    Ashley, Muay Thai is practiced here in the US a lot actually. Although I don’t have any official figures or anything, I would guess Muay Thai is practiced moreso than western boxing in this day and age.

    The difference is, in western boxing, you have 2 weapons; the hands. You can throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

    In Thai Boxing or more officially, Muay Thai, you have 8 weapons; hands, elbows, knees, and legs/feet. The most powerful of them is in the clinch. In the video that is where the opponent ties up the other, and is utilized offensively to drive in knees to the opponent’s legs, torso, or head.

    Thanks for sharing this post and video!

  2. Hey Matt, great pics. I’m here in Thailand too. Speaking at an Internet Marketing Seminar. If you’re keen to catch up for dinner one night or whatever love to meet in person.

  3. The first time I heard of Muay Thai boxing was on that travel channel show “Dahani Travels the World.” Those workouts seem intense. I think it’s a much more elegant sport than MMA. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

    1. Hey Rafael, Muay Thai is part of MMA – I’m sure you recognize that to be true. It is elegant and fun to watch. But it’s different. I like the mix of styles. Depending on the practitioner, MMA can be elegant too. GSP – now that’s an elegant dude 😀

      I train in Muay Thai, but I’m not elegant yet.

      Thanks for sharing your video, Matt. I’m so happy I clicked the lick on the WP Admin page. I usually totally ignore that section, but Muay Thai practically jumped off the page at me. What a fabulous and memorable trip.

  4. LOL

    Well Muay Thai is a single “martial art”. MMA is “Mixed Martial Arts”, which all that means is combining different forms of martial arts together to use as combat tactics, in which Muay Thai is a prominent part of that.

    Many pro MMA fighters like in the UFC, Pride, etc.., combine different martial arts like Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and so on.

    So in essence, Muay Thai is but a single element of MMA. 😉

    1. Agreed! Great fights coming up this weekend – GSP and Frank Mir to win over their opponents. I’m still undecided about Fitch vs Saunders. Those long knees and elbows worry me…they probably worry Jon Fitch more 😀

      1. Yeah, the fights are pretty epic tonight. I’m watching them for sure. My jaw is going to drop if Dan Hardy beats GSP.

        I would like to see Mir dominate Carwin and Lesnar… 🙂

        Yeah, Saunders and Fitch is a tough one… Both good contenders.

        You know, the Thai Clinch is the most important weapon in Muay Thai, but I have still yet to see a knockout by elbow. I just don’t see enough people use elbows.

        Elbows are great because there are no nerves on the backside of your elbow, so you could strike an opponent, with minimal pain to the arm…

  5. These are some great pictures. Martial Arts training is intense no what what style you are practicing.
    I remember training back when I played college football. We did a strength/stamina class. All we did to start the class was to stand like a t for five minutes. Some of us were dropping like flies.

    -Tommy D.