LA Saturday

A day in LA spent looking at Fort Street carpets and vintage furniture around town, and then SOHO House for the Montblanc / Harvey Weinstein pre-Oscars dinner and party. (Stopped taking photos once the actual party started, didn’t want to get kicked out :).)

7 thoughts on “LA Saturday

    1. That’s Tyrese Gibson’s Maserati. It’s not a real license plate. This might be similar to how Steve Jobs drives without a license plate. You’ll get stopped every so often, but you can swing the fine.

      I guess if you’re going to have a fake license plate, why not go with the more elegant-looking European style?

  1. Thank you for sharing the photos (and a lot of other things you’ve done). Beautiful design really inspires me but I guess it does more to you (I love the story of Steve Jobs and calligraphy course he took at uni).