State of the Word

Here’s the official video of the “State of the Word” presentation I did at WordCamp San Francisco this year. I hope you all enjoy it!

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Thanks Matt, as a long-term web designer for vBulletin and Drupal I only recently (starting at 2.7) included WordPress to list of skills 🙂 I really enjoyed watching this video, and its philosophy.
Hopefully I’ll be watching this live someday at one of the dot NL camps.

From having your code in front of dozens of people to millions of users the world over, it is amazing to see and be a part (as a user) of the growth of WordPress. I just want to thank you for such an amazing platform. I look forward to the future!

You saved my life! i would have died a loong time ago without WordPress.

i had some very good laughs and found long needed hope watching you video! Thank you for being out there

And don’t be all too nervous; you are the most loving and kind entrepreneur there is 🙂

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