Jay-Z on Blogging

“I don’t do too much blogging / I just run the town, I don’t do too much jogging.” — Jay-Z on Drake’s Light Up. It’s okay Jay, at least you have the world’s best blogging software waiting for you when you’re ready.

19 thoughts on “Jay-Z on Blogging

    1. Laziness of rappers? He is an executive of a multi-media company. He said he stopped drinking and smoking in the 90’s because he was too busy doing music.

      Next time you equate laziness with not blogging, look to Carlos Slim. He not only doesn’t blog, he doesn’t have a computer.

      Reflect on your perceptions and fix them. People make things happen without
      query loops and custom fields.

    2. Not to mention while he does not write blogs, he writes all of his songs and some for other rappers too. For his songs, he doesn’t even write them down. He memorizes them and cranks them out in the recording studio. Keep in mind he has hundreds of songs.

  1. I think … it’s just as well he’s not blogging, when using such an outdated version of WordPress, and with that terrible design. 😉

    1. Auto-Tune itself doesn’t suck. It was actually around for a while before it became the end all be all “take any one, put an effect on it, and make a record” effect.

      I would see engineers spending hours using auto tune a vocal that was really good. Just using it mainly to tweak spots here and there. The whole idea though was that it should never be heard. If some one heard you using auto tune it ment you were a crappy audio engineer.

      For what its worth though I think the way they are using it now sucks. BIG TIME.

  2. People who don’t run computer-related companies rarely blog, especially company managers. Some people don’t like to show their cards on anything, so I would be hard-pressed to see a guy who had kept a marriage with Beyonce a secret to have anything to talk about to the public.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Death to Autotunes! (lol) Actually, Jay-z doesn’t need a blog, a Twitter account, or even a Facebook account. He’s already everywhere!